Saturday, 6 April 2013

'Shine' the Walkthru

I must say that i now officially HATE layerfolders.
Gimp kept eating and moving layers for no apparent reason.

So if anythings missing, you know who ate it *argh*

To see the picture at full size, open the link in a new tab, not the picture (works in chrome).

Some people had difficulties getting the bevelling at the right places.
The idea is to have a bevel for the stroke and a highlight inside the text so that it looks more three-dimensional.

Layerfx does not work with selections, so what i did was using three layers.

One is the basetext.
Two is the stroke, or to use the correct term from my tutorials: border.
Three is a shrinked basetext for the highlight.

For the stroke duplicate the basetext layer, alpha select and shrink by 5, then cut.
You are left with a border with a hole in the middle.

For the highlight, duplicate the basetext, alpha select, shrink by 5, invert the selection, then cut.


AnMal said...

ha, finally! would have been nice with bigger settings screenshots, but i'll just use the magnifier.

Espermaschine said...

just open the link (not the picture !)in a new tab at full size ;)

AnMal said...

okay, i got it. result on gc in five minutes, kapitän esper!