Sunday, 12 May 2013

Unknown Territory - Full Cycle

When i followed Elicabe's 'PS-Tutorial' last month, i was fascinated how he uses photos to achieve a chrome effect.

Yesterday i stumbled over the youtube video for 'Xenon 2 Megablaster' and there was this style again in a different form, done with oldschool looking pixelated gradients (dont know what its called...8Bit perhaps ?) and the music for this game is by 'Bomb The Bass'.
Never knew Tim Simenon's music was licensed for video-games....

'Unknown Territory' is my favorite Bomb The Bass album, so i gave it another listen and looked it up on 

Thats when i came across a scan of the booklet with the texteffect you can see at the bottom:

I've probably looked a hundred times at that image, but never really liked it that much..... seemed so much different from the cyberpunk-y circuits and nodes that i loved, which fitted the theme of the music (or what it meant to me)......
and what has it all to do with rainforest indians, dolphins and a clock anyway ??

This double page picture looked a lot more like those 80's fantasy metal covers, with maybe a bit of a graffiti influence,  
BUT, there it was again:

the text is filled with a desert landscape, which seems to give the text a shiny chrome-like effect.

So i instantly fired up Gimp and made two gradients:
one for the "sky" and one for the "mountains".

Combined them on the same layer and then run the displacement filter.

And here is the result - i think the white comes out a bit too dull, but the rest looks good to me.
I still dont know where this desertlandscape-inside-a-text-looks-like-chrome comes from, but you cant deny: it looks good ! ;)

If you want to try your own desertlandscape-chrome effect, here are the gradients i made:


AnMal said...

that's a nice chromish effect! i'd probably have made the white part of the sky gradient a bit smaller to get up the shine a bit, but i think you'd be annoyed because it took away the perfect smoothness of the gradient :). that glass text tutorial erisian made is one of my favourites, i've used it full or in parts in so many things i've made.

Espermaschine said...

i agree with you about the white
not sure about the green bits either

Jason Parker said...

Damon Kroonsberg did the all the artwork for Unknown Territory. He sadly passed away a few years ago. Check out on his Facebook page, lots of art on there

Espermaschine said...

thanks for the comment, Jason, i will have a look