Friday, 28 June 2013

Metallic Logo (done with BumpMapping)

Had a look at one of my old record sleeves from the nineties and there was this metallic logo, which was obviously made with bumpmapping.

Gave it a try and didnt think it was that good but Akros from Gimpchat demanded a tutorial, so here you go:

01. start with a square canvas – i use 800x800 white
02. create guides at 50% horizontal and vertical
03. go to the Ellipse Tool and set it to 'Fixed' and 'Expand from centre'
04. create a new transparent layer and fill a circular selection of 700px with a 50ies grey (#808080)
before you deselect, save the selection to a channel

05. make another circular selection form centre, this time 540px and save it to a channel
06. finally create a third circular selection somewhat in the middle between the two (620px) and save it as a path (we will need this path to put the text on an arc in a bit)

07. blur both channels by 5
08. now comes the bumpmapping: activate the grey base layer, call up the BumpMap (Filters → Map) and use the blurred channel as the map
For the big circle use a Depth of 10 and an Ambient of 140 or whatever you feel looks good
09. BumpMap the grey base again, this time with the smaller saved selection and invert the bumpmap

10. for the circular text: type something in a fontsize that will fit on the border we just created, then rightclick the text and choose text along path
if it doesnt fit, scale it with the Scale Tool set to path (or do it again with another circular path)

then rotate the text-path with the 'Rotate Tool' set to path and use a guide to help align the text

11. create a new transparent layer, alpha select the text-path and fill with white, then rotate by 180° and fill again
12. blur your layer a tiny bit (5 is too much, i used 2) and bumpmap the text into the baselayer
i used the default values and a Depth of 3

pay attention to the correct direction of light !

13. bumpmap some other stuff into your baselayer until you're happy with your result
[you can use channels or white on transparent layers as bumpmaps, its all the same]

14. when you are ready, turn of the background and apply a 'New from visible'

15. apply a wavy chrome curve on the new layer
there is no fixed shape for the chrome curve, you can use more than the two peaks i used, or less

try to move the peaks to the left, right, up and down to see how that changes the overall look of light and dark
you can also narrow and widen the curve-parts between the anchorpoints to tweak the effect

here is a variation of the same logo with a different curve;

16. next apply 'Lighting Effects' on your image
i used a single light, slightly outside the logo boundaries

maybe lighten the image with the 'Brightness/Contrast Tool' afterwards if it got too dark

17. finally for a texture, create a new layer in the 50ies grey
a) apply RGB Noise at default values but uncheck 'Independent RGB`' for monochromatic noise
b) on that Noise layer apply Motion Blur

18. alpha select the base layer and apply a layermask from selection to the noise layer to get rid of everything outside the circular boundary, then set the mode of the texture to 'Soft Light' or 'Grain Merge' or any other mode you like best and you're finished !

There is now also a part 2 for effects with bumpmapping, here:


Akros said...

Esper how wonderful!
I'll take my time now reading and following this tutorial!
Thank you for sharing your time and talent with us poor mortals.
Congratulations on the blog, added to my favorites!

Akros said...

My first and sweaty attempt.
I'll try more times until decorate all the steps!
Thx Esper!

Espermaschine said...

Thank you Akros, last time i had a look into myself, it all felt pretty mortal, lol

Unfortunately i cant see your result, as the link leads to a blank imageshack page.

eduardo gutierrez said...

hey man you are a master thanks for sharing

eduardo gutierrez said...


Espermaschine said...

glad you like it, eduardo :)