Sunday, 3 November 2013


01. Type your text - Font is 'MaroonedOnMars BB' 647px.

02. Apply Bevel.
Make sure 'Merge with layer' is checked !

03. Alpha Select Text, Grow (I used 8).
Fill with colour.
Deselect and offset if thats your thing.

04. Add a little Dropshadow for contrast (i used blur 8).

05. The Bevelled Text had slightly unclean edges (white border).
I fixed that by alpha selecting the text, shrinking by 1, then inverting and blurring by 2.
Then sharpening with an alpha-curve.

06. For the Halo, create a new transparent layer on top of the background.
Alpha select the Outset Halo Layer, fill with white to transparent gradient.
From top of the letter to approx. the middle.

Deselect, blur (i used 20).
Then apply an alpha-curve with the Ring-Contour.

07. Duplicate the Halo-layer and put some guides where you want your vanishing point.
With the duplicate Halo-layer active, apply 'Motion Blur' of the 'Zoom' type, with the 'Blur outward' unchecked,
For the X and Y-Value ('Blur Centre') use the coordinates of your guides.
For the 'Length' i used 65.

Then apply an alpha-curve to the motion blurred layer.

If you dont fully understand this technique, have a look at tutor4u's video. Thats where i got it from.

08. Next i erased the white from the middle hole of the A and applied a Grid texture (Filters → Render → Pattern → Grid) on a new layer.

Set the Mode to 'Grain Merge' and reduced the Opacity to 30%.

09. To get rid of the Grid inside the extrusion:

- i copied the white extrusion-layer to the clipboard, 
- added a black layermask to the Gridlayer 
- and pasted the copied layer into the mask.
- With the layermask active, i inverted the colours, 
- then applied a Value-Curve, to make the black areas of the layermask completely black, so that the Grid-lines vanish inside the extrusion.

10. Now for the magic ingredient:
turn off the grid and Background layer and apply 'New From Visible'.
Then turn the layers on again.

Apply G'MIC → Artistic → Graphic Novel.
For the Output, i chose: New Layer and set this new layer to 'Grain Merge' Opacity: 62%.

I cant tell you any exact values – i guess they depend on your individual case, but here is a screenshot of the values i used.

That concludes this tutorial, hope you find it useful.

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