Sunday, 28 April 2013


Made this on a sunday evening.
Its simpler than it looks. Not much going on with my usual shadow/glow alchemy, except for a white inner glow from center.
Basically just two layers with fg-bg gradients (orange to purple and green to blue-gray) split by a layermask.
A small inner bevel and the big outer bevel.
That shadow/reflection thing is motionblur and the background brushes.

Oregonian on Gimpchat asked: "what he means by splitting with a layermask ?"
(and btw, when she says he, she means me not Sauron, lol).

Here is a screenshot of the layermask and gradient-layers:

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Mr. Holden can breathe okay

Came up with that yesterday, when i just tried to quickly follow a tutorial

Im pretty happy with it, as i finally managed to go beyond one simple effect and make it into something greater.

If you wonder what the meaning behind it all is:
these are quotes from my favorite movie 'Blade Runner'.

Interesting aspect about the piece is, that it has an almost 3D quality when you look from the side. I think its the combination of blue and red.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

'Shine' the Walkthru

I must say that i now officially HATE layerfolders.
Gimp kept eating and moving layers for no apparent reason.

So if anythings missing, you know who ate it *argh*

To see the picture at full size, open the link in a new tab, not the picture (works in chrome).

Some people had difficulties getting the bevelling at the right places.
The idea is to have a bevel for the stroke and a highlight inside the text so that it looks more three-dimensional.

Layerfx does not work with selections, so what i did was using three layers.

One is the basetext.
Two is the stroke, or to use the correct term from my tutorials: border.
Three is a shrinked basetext for the highlight.

For the stroke duplicate the basetext layer, alpha select and shrink by 5, then cut.
You are left with a border with a hole in the middle.

For the highlight, duplicate the basetext, alpha select, shrink by 5, invert the selection, then cut.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Merci samj !

Texture made with samj's excellent 3D Motif Geometrique 1 script

And here are the values i used: