Saturday, 12 October 2019

Icelandian Startrails

This little badge design is based on something i saw on one of Björk's 'Debut' era (ca. 1993) releases.
I guess it was supposed to be Björk's logo: the letter B in a cool foreign looking alphabet/techno design, with the repeating gradient background in earthy browntones and a startrail on top.

Especially the startrail seemed like a nice idea for another brush dynamics tutorial, so i began exploring.

Monday, 16 September 2019

Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Text along a circle II [path directions explained]

Of all blog entries, my 'Text along a circle' tutorial gets the most hits.
In the statistics section of this blogspot i can see what people searched for, and apparently putting text on a path is a big problem (popular search terms are circular text and curved text).

One of the more esoteric aspects of text along path is putting two aligned sets of text on the same circular path, but with each set of text going in a different direction.

Gimp's native 'Text along path' functionality can only do this with fonts that are perfectly centered on all characters.

With ofnuts text along path plug-in installed, this is much easier, because you get a lot of different Height Reference options, how to map your text to the path.

But this doesnt help with finding out how to change direction of your text.

So here is the secret:

Friday, 2 August 2019

Welcome to the real world

A real stencil.
Handdrawn with symmetry lines, then photopied on to a sheet of overheadprojector acetate and cut with a scalpel.
In 1997, the techstep was in full swing.

Decided to turn it into a double exposure.

My mind is glowing

Another blast from the past.
Resurrected an ancient cyborg stencil-style drawing with my scanner, gave it the vector treatment, then added a stroke in Affinity Designer (sorry Inkscape), halftone shading and a brand new warpaint in Gimp.