Monday, 15 February 2016

So Hologramic

Went back here.

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This started with me going back to that 'Madness' piece and thinking: what if i chromed this with Satin instead of a Bevel ?
So i removed the background (with Colour To Alpha) applied LayerFx 'Satin' with small values, then Chrome Curves, 'G'MIC - Difference of Gaussians', 'G'MIC - Anisotropic Smoothing' and a 'High Pass Filter'.

The 3D was done with this technique: Anaglyph Effect but instead of an offset, i used 'Motion Blur' - Zoom (4px).
For the glitch i used the 'Video'filter, 'G'MIC - Ripple', 'G'MIC - Noise' [additive]', 'G'MIC - Wind', 'G'MIC - Anguish', 'G'MIC - Old Movie Stripes' and 'G'MIC - Boost Chromacity'.

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