Friday, 10 August 2018

Pilot revisited

Two years ago i made this little doodle on paper which turned out nice enough for me wanting to try inking in a vector program.

I had discovered Jason Secrest's super cool YT channel, but despite trying various techniques i was never able to get something i liked.

My first attempt was all about rebuilding the sketch with shapes in Inkscape, then applying "comic brushes" with 'Pattern along path', just as i learned from Jason's tutorials.
But i wasnt satisfied with the outcome. With the clean lines and perfect symmetry it had lost all the charme the original drawing had...

My next step was trying to redraw with a graphics tablet (Wacom Intuos). Took me ages to get a handle with the tablet and i have to say: i cant do it. My lines never come out as i want them, so for me this is very different to drawing on paper.
Plus: Gimp has no working size related pressure sensitivity, Inkscape's Pencil smoothing feature doesnt work well enough and Krita lags on my outdated machine.

I also tried the 'Power Stroke LPE' in Inkscape, which i dont find very practical. Its much easier and convenient to apply "brushes".

But there is a spanish blog im following and one of the posts had the look i wanted. Turns out the artist used a rather punk-ish approach to trace his lines with the Bezier Tool, so thats what i did as well.
Its not perfect yet, because i still have to clean up the lines a bit, but this is my best result so far.

The colouring was also done in Inkscape. The background texture and halftone glow added in Gimp.


I experimented a bit with different colourschemes, inspired by the cell shading style of the 'Star Wars Resistance' TV show.

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