Monday, 31 December 2018

Goodbye & Hello

Made this in Inkscape because i wanted to try using the gradienteffect on the leaves.
Berries and leaves made with an Interpolation, then bend with the 'Bend LPE'. The other half is a clone.
Converted to a path, 'Break Apart', then sculpted the gradient shading.

I added the grainy texture on the leaves in Gimp.
You can import the svg into Gimp and get all the paths for making selections. Unfortunately the image itself is flattened in the process to a single layer, so if you wanted to do something more advanced, you'd have to export elements individually.

Sadly, at the current state of things, a combination project like this needs careful planning, with elements grouped in layers, and the correct merging of objects for easy use in Gimp.

For the grain texture i used a self-made brush, with a 'Random Angle' 'Brush Dynamic'.

Found a version on my harddisk i forgot about, so why not post it as well. This one is 100% vector.

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