Monday, 31 December 2018

Goodbye & Hello

Made this in Inkscape because i wanted to try using the gradienteffect on the leaves.
Berries and leaves made with an Interpolation, then bend with the 'Bend LPE'. The other half is a clone.
Converted to a path, 'Break Apart', then sculpted the gradient shading.

I added the grain texture in Gimp.
You can import the svg into Gimp and get all the paths for making selections. Unfortunately the image itself is flattened to a single layer, so if you wanted to do something more advanced, you'd have to export elements individually.

At the current state of things, a combination project like this needs careful planning, with elements grouped in layers, and the correct merging of objects for easy use in Gimp.

For the grain texture i used a self-made brush, with a 'Random Angle' 'Brush Dynamic'.

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