Friday, 1 March 2019

Lost on the road

Its been six years since i started working with Gimp, with lots of ups and downs.

For the last few years i was so focused on tutorial writing that i stopped being creative and have become a bit of a copycat. Every time i fire up Gimp, its because i want to figure out how to do a certain effect, which as a result has prevented me from being an artist.

When i realized i got lost on my journey i tried to remember what i wanted to do before i mastered the program.
Strangely i couldnt figure it out until i found an image on the internet of a cool futuristic logo, which would have put a smile on my face back then.

The more i deal with all the technical details, the less my creativity flows.
Things that would have made me excited, seem banal today.

On the other hand, artists who really impress me are 100 times better than me.

I have a lot of sketches from 20 years ago, that i'd like to vectorize and expand but im too scared to spoil them.

So yesterday i drew a bit on paper, got an idea, quickly switched to Inkscape and began building....

Thursday, 31 January 2019