Friday, 25 September 2015

Do you like Texture ? Part:2 [distress your lines !]

Another way of getting grungy lines is using the Distort Selection script.
Unfortunately this script has no preview, so using it is not very intuitive.

Therefor i will show you in todays tutorial how different values applied to the selection look like.

For the example i set up a rectangular selection: 400x300px and stroke it by 6px on a new transparent layer.


After alpha selecting the stroke, you disable the layer, distort the selection and fill it with the desired colour on a new transparent layer.

The 'Distort' script is under 'Selection' and looks like this.

The examples have values for Spread/Granularity/Smooth

If you like even more grunge, apply a small value of 'Spread' to your stroke (say 1-2px).

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