Monday, 25 June 2018

such a drag...

I have a big folder full of little svg files i simply made for fun, that sits rather useless on my harddisk and one day i plan to put all of these vector snippets into one image and post it as a big vector doodle.

Browsing this folder i found the skull i had totally forgotten about and wanted to try to turn it into a pattern.
First version came out a bit boring with too much empty space but today i added more stuff and now it works.

I used Chris Hildenbrand's technique of using a tilesized offset and combined it with cloning, which works better for me than the Inkscape's 'Seamless Pattern' extension.

The red square is the clipping path for the grouped pattern, the offset duplicates are clones. 
The behaviour of the clones is set to 'Move in parallel' in the Preferences for easy adjustment.

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