Saturday, 30 March 2013

Text with metallic surface textures

That took me the whole night to get right - almost gave up.... :D

The perforated aluminium texture is a micro-pattern, 4x4 pxs, like a scanline.

For the highlights i used blurred brushstrokelines, instead of a gradient.
Much easier !

The moire-esque lighting effect is satin.

A version with some variations:

And here is the walkthrough.

You can download all the micro patterns i made when working on this texteffect:

The texture of the version was done by layering the 4x4 with the 8x8 and i think offsetting the bigger pattern by 1px, but im not sure.
You could also zoom in the piece and recreate a new pattern from scratch.
Have fun !  :)

Open in new tab for bigger version.


AnMal said...

fun indeed :). the walkthrough was easy to understand. my results for this will be up on gimp chat in five minutes - i think the expression is "two birds with one stone".

Espermaschine said...

are these minutes, lightminutes ? ^^

Espermaschine said...

oh, i totally missed that :O
nice one !

Espermaschine said...

damn, now i accidentally delete your comment X(
forgive me :.)