Friday, 15 March 2013

Tutorial: Warning Science !

In this tutorial i will demonstrate how to make a texteffect with two techniques i already showed you:
adding a Stroke and an Inner Shadow.
We will also do a Pattern Fill, and a Dropshadow.

01. create a new canvas 660 x 360 px
02. call up the Gradient Tool and set the Shape to Radial
set your foreground-colour to #f0f0f0 and the background-colour to #262626
stroke your gradient from the center to one of the corners

03. change the foreground-colour to #ffdb00 and type your text – i used the font Zentropa 200px with a Spacing of 7. 
(get the font here:

04. go to Layers → Autocrop Layer and then center the text with the `'Alignment Tool'
rightclick 'Layer to Imagesize'.

05. first we add a stroke:
a) alpha select your text and save it to a channel for future use
b) then go 'Select → To Path' and 'Select → None'
c) create a new transparent layer and name it 'Stroke'
d) set the foreground-colour to #d00000
e) make sure the Stroke layer is active, go to your paths-tab and apply a stroke of 4px

06. next an Inner Shadow:
a) alpha select your text
b) shrink by 3
c) Invert
d) add a new transparent layer over your textlayer and under your 'Stroke', name it 'Inner Shadow'
e) fill layer with #1a1a1a
f) Select → None
g) Gaussian Blur by 14
e) apply layermask 'From Channel'
f) set Mode to 'Multiply' and reduce Opacity to 90%

07. Now a Pattern Overlay:
a) create a new transparent layer over your text, but make it 1000 x 1000px and name it 'Pattern'
b) set the foreground-colour to black and go to 'Filters → Render → Pattern → Grid'
c) use the following values:

d) rotate the Grid by 30° with the Rotate Tool, and align the stripes with the 'Move Tool' so they look good over the yellow text, then 'Layer to Imagesize'

e) apply a layermask 'From Channel'

08. activate the yellow textlayer and apply 0,04 RGB-Noise to make it look less clean

09. to finalize our picture we add a dropshadow:
a) activate the selection from channel
b) create a new layer under your text layer and name it 'Dropshadow'
c) grow selection by 2 (stroke)
d) fill with black and deselect
e) Gaussian Blur by 14
f) offset the layer by 4/4
g) reduce Opacity to 70%

10. and we are done !

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