Friday, 17 May 2013

Purple - The Tutorial

The original purple text was just an accident, when i tried to make more gold from "innards" and put a purple outer glow underneath it.
Well it landed on top and to my surprise it looked good.
Btw, i experience that a lot, that after stripping a texteffect of most stuff, and just leaving the bare bones, you get something very different, that often looks equally good.

Original version posted on Gimpchat
Folks seemed to like the effect, so i had to write a tutorial

Enjoy !

Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Some glassy text i made last week and forgot about.
Looks good enough to post i think.

Its based on Erisian`s Glass Text tutorial on Gimpchat. There is also a pdf attached to the thread.

Basically its just bumpmapping text into a grey layer and then applying chrome curves. After that get rid of the grey with colour to alpha.

This texteffect is based on Oregonian`s Shiny Text tutorial. 
Its very similar to the Glass Text effect.


I made some gold text by mutating Erisian's innards technique and wanted to write a tutorial about it, but cant exactly replicate what i did yesterday. 
Instead i got amber today....

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Tutorial: 3D Text Videogame-Style

EDIT: 16.07.2014
I noticed some interest in this thread, so i made a few small corrections in the text description to make things easier or clarify where i felt it was hard to understand.

How to do a video games-esque 3D text with Gimp and Inkscape.