Wednesday, 15 May 2013


I made some gold text by mutating Erisian's innards technique and wanted to write a tutorial about it, but cant exactly replicate what i did yesterday. 
Instead i got amber today....

The basic technique uses the G'MIC 'Lava' filter and then 'Relief light' on top of it. The important step is to play with the value of 'Image Smoothness' to get the shiny, plastic like appearance, that look like innards.

I made the bevel by creating a frame for a Displacement and used different ways to modify it even further.
For the gold text, i added some real bevel highlights and shadows, shaped with curves, and for the amber an inner shadow and a tiny stroke bumpmapped, to give the inner part, where the bevel stops, some depth.
Both versions have an inner glow from center made from a duplicate of the texture.



AnMal said...

WOW!!! these are great, brother :)! i like the gold, but the amber is best, looks very real.

Espermaschine said...

it does, but its very hard to control, so that you get something different than random yellow-redish textures, which means, i cant write a tutorial...:\