Tuesday, 15 October 2013


I was playing around with texture effects today and made this as a byproduct.

Its kind of unusal for me i guess....:D


Canvas 800x460px
Font: Sans Bold 303px, blurred by 10 and alpha treated to get rounded edges.

Aplly an Inner Bevel
I used Depth: 6, Size: 13, Soften: 2 and 'Merge with Layer' checked (!).

Apply G'MIC → Artistic → Ellipsionism.

Apply Value-Curve.

Apply G'MIC → Repair → Recursive Median.


Adjust Contrast/Brightness if necessary.

Duplicate layer, set Mode to 'Dodge', reduce Opacity until happy with the result.

Render Solid Noise on a new layer for the background texture:
Detail: 2, X/Y: 9,0.
Apply G'MIC: Ellipsionism again.
Set Mode to 'Grain Merge'.

Decorate and tweak some more.


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