Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Strange Dayz

This is inspired by (still) learning Inkscape, my interest in Graffiti and, believe it or not, having a very close look at wrapping (mini-salami, chocolate bars, potatoe chips, etc).
A lot of text on wrappings has this formulatic style.

So i just made the bevelled text with a colourful highlight and added the red outset halo by growing the alpha selected text.

The white halo is the red-outset selection filled with a gradient (from white to transparent), then blurred and shaped with a Ring-Contour Alpha-Curve.

This halo duplicated and motion-blurred gave me the 3D extrusion.

But the secret ingredient is something else:
G'MIC -> Graphic Novel Filter
gives the text this nice sophisticated looking shading....;)


eduardo gutierrez said...


Espermaschine said...

Thanks Eduardo, this is really (mostly)all about the colours.