Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Filter Stripes

Inspired by the way Photoshop filters work, i experimented with making textures.
Everything you see in the image  below is made from the same diagonal grid.

Lets make the grid first:

01. I start with a small canvas 640x480px.
02. Create a new transparent layer on top, but make it twice as big !

03. Make sure your foreground-colour is the colour you want for your grid and call up the Grid-Filter (Filters → Render → Pattern → Grid).

We only want vertical lines, 2px wide and i use a Spacing of 8.

04. I want my Grid to be diagonal, so i rotate the Gridlayer by 35°.

05. Align with the Move Tool, then apply 'Layer to Imagesize'.

Now the fun part, playing around with filters.

The rain texture from my previous post, was made with Jéjé's Strip Filter:
G'MIC → Patterns → Strip

You get these chalk-like lines with the Spread-Filter:
Filters → Noise → Spread

For a smear-effect use G'MIC Wind:
G'MIC → Deformations → Wind

For thinner, irregular chalkstripes, you can (ab)use the Kubism-Filter:
Filters → Artistic → Kubism

Even more irregular chalky stripes, come out of combining Spread 5 and then applying Recursive Median:
G'MIC → Repair → Recursive Median

A slightly wavy pattern is achieved by applying the Water-Filter:
G'MIC → Deformations → Water

You get this oily-paint-effect, when applying the Whirl Drawing Filter on the Spread 6 treated stripes:
G'MIC → Artistic → Whirl drawing

A flying ashes effect:
'Spread: 5' + 'Filters → Noise → Slur' + 'G'MIC → Repair → Smooth [median]'

Snow-like effect:

Abstract Grunge effect.
Not made of stripes, but uses median filtering:

Paint on your canvas

Then apply Filters → Despeckle

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